5 Advantages of Choosing Steel Frame Buildings

July 11, 2024

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Buildings, no matter what they’re constructed for, need to be durable, sustainable and functional, and what better way to have all of that and more than with steel frame buildings? Businesses across varying sectors can benefit from structures made from high-quality steel, and in this blog, the experts at Wedgewood Steel Buildings are going to give you the insights on the 5 advantages of choosing this building type. 

What is Steel Frame Construction? 

Constructing steel frame buildings is exactly what it sounds like. This highly popular method uses high-grade steel for every component, from the beams and joists to the walls and roofs, rather than all wood or a mixture of different materials, offering distinct advantages. 

 1. You Can Build Many Different Building Types 

Steel is a malleable metal that can be shaped into various shapes and sizes for different uses. Some common building types made from steel include: 



Unlike wood, steel can be bent and curved without the fear of degradation, like warping, over time, allowing for bespoke and custom designs to be accommodated. This means not only can you benefit from a highly functional building but also construct aesthetically pleasing, alternative designs to suit. 


Here at Wedgewood Steel Buildings, we offer steel buildings for all kinds of uses and business types, turning bespoke designs into a reality. 

2. Quick Assembly 

Steel buildings are much faster to construct compared to other materials like wood or concrete. This is because of innovative steel construction methods – cold rolling and hot rolling – enabling components and structural elements to be prefabricated and then easily assembled on site. These structural elements are ready to be welded and fitted immediately, compared to concrete which needs to cure before more construction takes place.  

3. Steel is Highly Durable 

Strength is key in any type of building, with steel being one of the most durable and strong metals on the planet. Combining this metal with certain finishes only enhances these amazing properties, leaving you with a building made to stay standing no matter the amount of storms that attempt to damage them. Steel’s durable nature also means it won’t crack, warp or split like wood, as well as resistance to fire damage and mould growth. While moisture won’t cause steel to expand or rot, corrosion may occur without proper treatment. 

4. Sustainability 

Almost all elements of a steel frame building will be designed on state-of-the-art software that will eliminate as much waste as possible. Any waste that is produced can be recycled and used for other purposes, either another building or a completely different application. While both wood and concrete can be reused, they are limited by how the excess can be utilised.  


5. Cost-Effective 

Thanks to the const. Cost-Effective ruction methods of steel buildings, including off-site fabrication, labour costs can be drastically reduced as well as delivery expenses, as fewer trips will need to be made as everything is fabricated at the same time. The shorter construction times result in prompt usage for tenants, resulting in a better return on investment. Additionally, as steel is highly durable and strong, there is a lower risk of spending on repair costs, ultimately benefiting budgets of all sizes. 

Custom Steel Builds from Wedgewood Steel Buildings 

Steel frame buildings provide businesses of all sorts with long-lasting, sustainable and affordable spaces for varying requirements. At Wedgewood Steel Buildings, our processes enable you to have custom spaces constructed by industry experts in rapid timeframes without ever skimping on quality. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and desires. 


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