Cold Rolled Steel Buildings


Wedgewood Steel Buildings supplies both hot rolled and cold rolled steel framed buildings to customers in the UK.

Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings

Cold rolled steel sections are available to UK customers and are a versatile alternative to the conventional RSJ style steel portals we’ve all become so used to seeing in both agricultural and industrial steel buildings.


What is cold rolled steel?

When used as a portal frame design, cold rolled steel is more economical than hot rolled steel, because of the amount of steel used.

The cold rolled steel is made with a galvanised finish to guard it against rust. No further treatments will need to be used on cold rolled steel buildings.

The cold rolled steel sections inside the building have up to 25 manufacturer warranty but will last for up to 30+ years.

Cold rolled steel is also enduring since the components are assembled together on-site. This means cost-cutting in the production process, transport costs and on-site installation.

Because the structure is lighter than standard hot rolled steel buildings; generally, costs are saved on the groundworks aspect of the contract.

On traditional hot rolled buildings, it may be required to pile up the foundations leading to high and time-consuming groundwork costs. When using a cold rolled steel building, a raft foundation can be designed to save our customers thousands of pounds

Cold rolled steel buildings are suitable for factories, storage units, industrial units and car showrooms.

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Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings

In the United Kingdom, most steel structures were built using the traditional method of hot rolled steel I beam sections. Over the past two decades, the less standard approach of using galvanised cold rolled steel has steadily grown. The use of galvanised steel is suitable for a wide range of sectors, such as domestic, commercial, community and agricultural. Anyone who requires a new building in these sectors can end up benefiting from this quickly assembled high-quality product. It is essential to do some homework and supplier research, as there are different quality levels on offer in the UK marketplace alone. The high tensile nature of cold rolled steel ensures its load-bearing capacity.

Additionally, it comes with the added benefit of weighing considerably less than hot rolled solutions, both in terms of time and labour going forward. The processes designed to facilitate computerised production is quicker than any other method. It eliminates the need for huge on-site deliveries, and the delivery and departure of gigantic lorries, which in turn improves the product’s environmental credentials.

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