Agricultural Steel Buildings & Steel Framed Farm Buildings


Agricultural/farm buildings constructed to the required specifications & built to suit your needs.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of agricultural steel frame buildings and has manufactured and supplied a range of agricultural steel buildings designed to address the specific needs of our clients’.

Wedgewood Steel Buildings are very experienced manufacturers of steel construction. Our steel framed buildings offer desirable solutions for all forms of farming applications, such as buildings for farm storage and agricultural barns.

Our agricultural steel buildings are built in the UK and meet the latest structural criteria. All of our steel frame buildings are constructed from pre-galvanized sections to create sturdy, versatile structures that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Applications include livestock housing, stockpiling of crops, storage of hay or grain and storage of farm equipment. They’re also suitable for use as agricultural workshops with the correct specification.

We will design and manufacture your building to accommodate your individual needs, enabling you to state the exact size, colour, pitch type and the number of roller shutter doors, as well as the number and location of personal access doors.

You can also select the material used for the walls and the roofing. For agricultural storage buildings, most customers rather single-skin (including animal housing). Where a building needs to be kept warm (for company or workshop use, for instance), we suggest using composite panels for insulation.

Contact us  if you need an agricultural steel framed building constructing, and we will be happy to design and quote to ensure you get the best solution at the best possible price.

Agricultural Steel Frame Buildings as Unique as Your Business

Whether you want to store and secure farm equipment, machinery, vehicles, hay, large quantities of grain or livestock, steel frame buildings are the answer. They are the cost-effective solution that promises a high return on investment in no time at all, providing ample space, top-notch structural durability, an eco-friendly lifespan and a swift turnaround.

We’re committed to getting to know our new customers and keeping up-to-date with current ones, as this helps us to know precisely which of our structural framework buildings will bring the best results. With that in mind, we invite you to get in touch for a friendly chat regarding your current arrangement, budget and goals, allowing us to work together to build exciting new possibilities and take your agricultural company to a whole new level.

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What Kind of Agricultural Buildings Do We Supply?

Over the years, Wedgewood Steel Buildings have constructed numerous agricultural steel framed structures. They provide outstanding structural stability, strong weather resistance and top levels of safety. These are suitable for all kinds of agricultural uses, from grain stores and livestock housing to milking parlours, workshops, implant sheds and straw barns, due to their ability to achieve height and wide-open space.

Our expert team has a wealth of knowledge to suggest each customer the best types of steel framed buildings, delivering remarkable results based on your specific goals.


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