Lawns Farm, Rotherham


19 February, 2021

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New twin agricultural buildings for housing cattle.

Completed in 2021.


Nice to hear from you. Yes I am more than happy to give Luke/Wedgewood a recommendation.

As a basic summary I found them very easy to work with and amenable.

I guess my project needs were particular and the project was specifically designed to our needs, not an off the shelf shed.

Equally in working to a tight budget we chopped and changed the scope of work to do as much as we could ourselves, but utilising Wedgewood where they offered good value for money.

They were transparent with the work elements, breakdown and costs, also in pricing options and design ideas so I could assess value and tweak the final package to suit us.

Ultimately they were easy to communicate with, timely and they did offer the best value for money.

I should also add that I was fortunate enough to complete my selection process, just as Covid was starting I think (memory could be dusty), but I paid the deposit before steel prices started to climb quickly, and although I struggled with timbers from other suppliers for example, Wedgewood stuck to their committed price, I would have argued it if they had tried to pass any increase on to me but to their credit they did not try to, when I feel other companies would have certainly have had an attempt (I used to be QS prior to farming so I’ve experience in the Construction and Industrial development arena).

Communication during lead in was good. They turned up as expected and were an efficient and productive work team. We had zero issues with them and no cause for concern. A get on and sort it attitude. They kept a tidy site.
I will use them again and I am more than happy to recommend them.

Same as any outfit I guess, you should prioritise the top issues/priorities for you and highlight it to them and pin them down to it… be it price/quality/time… good communication and documentation from the start is key.

Is there anything specific you are looking for or that I may have missed? Kindest regards George

01782 898104