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Wedgewood Steel Buildings can create almost any steel frame building regardless of size and shape.

Be it a large commercial & industrial building, steel frame barn, agricultural steel framed building or a warehouse unit, talk to us and find out how simple it is to build your New Steel Building.
We have two steel frame alternatives to choose between, the more contemporary Hot Rolled Steel Frame or our hugely versatile, lightweight, Cold Rolled Steel Frame. We will advise you on what steel frame will best suit your requirements and the end building use. As a result, making sure your new steel frame building is 100% fit for purpose.

What Kind of Steel Buildings Do We Supply?

We are experienced in supplying our customers with complete turn-key solutions for domestic, agricultural and commercial steel construction that varies from 5m to 50m in width. We provide cold rolled and hot rolled steel frames, as well as custom-made buildings with options for cladding and roofing. With further modifications to the colours and profiles of the steel cladding, guttering options and a wide variety of roller shutter doors, personal access doors, windows and skylights, the steel building can be made to fit your exact needs.

Cold Rolled Steel Framed Buildings

In the United Kingdom, most steel structures were built using the traditional method of hot rolled steel I beam sections. Over the past two decades, the less standard approach of using galvanised cold rolled steel has steadily grown. The use of galvanised steel is suitable for a wide range of sectors, such as domestic, commercial, community and agricultural. Anyone who requires a new building in these sectors can end up benefiting from this quickly assembled high-quality product. It is essential to do some homework and supplier research, as there are different quality levels on offer in the UK marketplace alone. The high tensile nature of cold rolled steel ensures its load-bearing capacity.

Additionally, it comes with the added benefit of weighing considerably less than hot rolled solutions, both in terms of time and labour going forward. The processes designed to facilitate computerised production is quicker than any other method. It eliminates the need for huge on-site deliveries, and the delivery and departure of gigantic lorries, which in turn improves the product’s environmental credentials.

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Hot Rolled Steel Framed Buildings

Hot rolling occurs at a temperature of around 1,000 degrees Centigrade, using a method that prevents the steel from toughening while rolled. Hot Rolled steel frames tend to be used for larger, clearer spans, or higher buildings. Wedgewood Steel Buildings can design and build a range of Hot Rolling Steel Frame Buildings throughout the UK, so why not call or email us? We’ll be more than happy to produce a quote tailored to your needs.

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Over the years, Wedgewood Steel Buildings have constructed numerous agricultural steel framed structures. They provide outstanding structural stability, strong weather resistance and top levels of safety. These are suitable for all kinds of agricultural uses, from grain stores and livestock housing to milking parlours, workshops, implant sheds and straw barns, due to their ability to achieve height and wide-open space.

Our expert team has a wealth of knowledge to suggest each customer the best types of steel framed buildings, delivering remarkable results based on your specific goals.

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We offer high-quality commercial and industrial steel buildings designed, supplied and installed nationwide.

The construction of a new building is an important investment and a vital foundation for any company. The aesthetics and quality of the industrial steel building is a reflection of your business. We provide fit for purpose, excellently-designed structures to ensure that your investment will stand the test of time.

With over 10 years of construction and engineering experience behind us, our team will work with you throughout the design process, keeping you up to date and providing solutions to make sure you get the most for your investment.

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