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Wedgewood Steel Buildings are warehouse and steel building designers and builders in the UK – bringing valuable knowledge to this specialised area of industrial construction.

From the design and construction of large new steel warehouse buildings, we consistently produce high-quality results – on time and on budget!

No matter how complex your needs are, steel warehouse building designs by Wedgewood Steel Buildings are an excellent solution.

We’ve built numerous kinds of steel warehouse buildings, and we understand what’s needed for the build to go ahead successfully. We can complete the development of unique warehouses and have constructed warehouses with particular requirements for a loading bay and other types of extensions.

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We Install Warehouses in the UK

If you are searching for permanent warehouse steel buildings, our team of experienced warehouse builders can be of assistance. We specialise in building warehousing solutions that give our customers the storage capacity they need.

Before building your new steel warehouse building, we will complete a detailed plan that defines each build feature.

If you are keen on a new permanent steel building or warehouse from Wedgewood Steel Buildings, talk to us today. Our supportive team will assist you with your initial enquiry. Our know-how and expertise will help you determine the best solution for your needs.

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