Commercial & Industrial Steel Frame Buildings


Wedgewood Steel Buildings provide cost-effective, reliable, and quality assured commercial & industrial buildings throughout the UK.

Steel commercial buildings offer a great solution from farm shops to retail stores, with easy-to-maintain, cost-effective, clean light and spacious designs that can be adjusted to your needs, creating the space you want!

Our commercial & industrial steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes such as garages, car showrooms and service centers, transport storage, and business premises.

All our commercial & industrial steel buildings meet the very latest structural requirements and are constructed using fully traceable materials here in the UK.

We can design and build your building to accommodate your individual needs, enabling you to state the exact size, colour, pitch type and number of roller shutter doors, and the number and location of personal access doors. Mechanical or motorised roller shutters can be used.



We offer high-quality commercial and industrial steel buildings designed, supplied and installed nationwide.

The construction of a new building is an important investment and a vital foundation for any company. The aesthetics and quality of the industrial steel building is a reflection of your business. We provide fit for purpose, excellently-designed structures to ensure that your investment will stand the test of time.

With over 10 years of construction and engineering experience behind us, our team will work with you throughout the design process, keeping you up to date and providing solutions to make sure you get the most for your investment.


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Custom Designed Industrial Steel Frame Buildings

Our wealth of experience covers a variety of customer types and project sizes, ranging from single industrial steel frame buildings for startup companies to sizeable complexes. Simply put; no matter what you have in mind, we will serve your needs, so do not be afraid that a job is too large, small, remote or particular.

Thanks to the resilience and flexibility of steel frame buildings, the outstanding height and space for a reasonable cost would help your business operations. You not only get a lot more for your money with steel frame buildings as opposed to brick and concrete, but also a spacious atmosphere that is ideal for all kinds of industries.

This greatly facilitates the installation of machinery and assembly lines, the movement of staff and the allocation of storage areas, all while providing the highest levels of safety and health through a durable, weather-resistant and configurable construction solution.

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